Course Description

Basics of photography course will make you familiar with the camera settings and fill any gaps of knowledge that may be causing you not to reach your full potential. This course will let you switch to manual mode from auto mode and give detailed knowledge about the same. This course will teach you all the things you need to learn about the camera and will help you move on your path to becoming a professional photographer.

If you’re someone looking who has just started and is keen on becoming a professional, this course is most suitable for you. 

We’ve been teaching photography theoretically as well as practically and we make sure you are trained well by giving you assignments after every lesson and a multiple choice quiz to make sure your theory core is strong to put it into practicals later.

This course is an investment that will give an accurate and thorough knowledge of photography and will help you in getting started to achieve big!

What you will learn

  • The history of photography

  • Camera Equipment

  • Manual Settings

  • Focusing

  • Composition

  • Correct lenses to use

  • Focal Length

  • Crop vs Full Frame sensors

  • Metering

  • ISO

  • Picture styles
  • Apertures

  • Depth of Field

  • Shutter Speeds

  • Controlling Movement

  • Camera modes

  • Balancing Exposure 

  • Understanding Light

  • White Balance

  • Working in Raw

  • Thumb rules

Who is this course for?

  • Beginner photographer looking to learn photography properly.

  • Keen enthusiasts looking to take photography more seriously.

  • Someone looking to make photography their profession.

  • Intermediate photographers looking to fill any gaps in their knowledge to reach their full potential.

Course Content

Lesson - 1
Introduction to photography & History

In this lesson, you’ll get familiar with the term photography and its history. 

Lesson - 2
Camera exposure & Exposure triangle

This lesson will teach you how you can control the exposure in your photo with three main settings.

Lesson 3

Lesson - 3

This lesson will give detailed and thorough knowledge about the aperture and how to use it correctly.

Lesson - 4
Shutter speed

This lesson will give detailed and thorough knowledge about the shutter speed and how to use it correctly.

Lesson - 5

This lesson will teach you what is ISO and how it can be used while capturing a photo.

Lesson - 6
White balance

This lesson will make you familiar with white balance and how you can adjust the white balance according to the lighting setting.

Lesson - 7
Metering modes

This lesson will give you a detailed explanation on what are metering modes and why they are important to know.

Lesson - 8
Picture style

This lesson here will teach youu different types of picture styles and how they change the picture.

Lesson - 9
Camera modes (Auto, Aperture priority, Shutter priority, Manual)

In this lesson you’ll get to know about different modes you can use in a camera according to different situations.

Lesson - 10
Focus, Focus modes and Focus points

You’ll learn what is focus, what are focus modes and focus points and how can they be used in this lesson.

Lesson - 11
Depth of field & Factors affecting depth of field

This lesson will teach about depth of field and how it can be changed with different camera settings.

Lesson - 12
Basic compositions

In this chapter, you’ll learn the basic compositions used while photographing an object which will make your photos more eye-pleasing.

Lesson - 13
Rule of thumb

In this lesson, you’ll learn the most important in photography and how can it be applied practically.

Lesson - 14
Types of cameras and lenses

This lesson will give an overview on different cameras and different lenses use in different kind of specialisation.

Lesson - 15
Photography tips

This lesson will teach you some important photography tips to keep in mind while doing photography.


It is a live session and I’ll be present to clear your doubts. 

Each lesson duration can be anywhere between 45 – 90 min.

It is not a certified course but we at lightscraft believe skills are more important than certificates.

Yes, the class timings can be customized according to the availability.

You can contact us through instagram or email. We’ll get in touch with you and you can enroll for any course.

These courses are not designed for one category of photography. The basics remain same in every genre of photography and one should be skilled enough to do any kind of photography after these courses.

Yes, there will be assignments and a 15 min quiz after each lesson.

In basics of photography course there is no one on one training available.But we do provide you personal support in this course. But one can always register for one on one training at the time of enrollment.

We at lightscraft believe in 100% non refund policy. But, we do believe that you’ll be 100% satisfied with our content and guidance.


Personalized Support

We make sure that you understand everything and hence we provide WhatsApp groups and one on one sessions to help you personally with your doubts and queries.


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