Advanced Photography

Course Description

This Advanced photography will teach you everything including the basics and different specialisations of photography. This course will let you pursue photography as your full-time profession confidently. You’ll get to know everything important you need to know about the camera and the settings you should use in different specializations. It will also teach you studio lighting setup (with our member practically showing you) for food and product photography.

If you’re someone looking for a complete course to learn photography economically, this course is for you! 

We make sure to not leave you in any dilemma when it comes to photography that’s why we provide various assistance for you such as one on one sessions. This course will give you thorough knowledge about the specialization you want to choose in the future and teach you how to grow in that direction. 

What you will learn

  • The basics of photography (Whole course)
  • DSLR vs Mirrorless
  • Sensor working
  • Understanding camera
  • Understanding colours
  • Tricks of photography


  • Elements of design
  • Understanding compositions

  • Zone system

  • Landscape photography

  • Product photography

  • Macro photography

  • Food photography

  • Post processing

  • Understanding studio light

  • Post Production

Who is this course for?

  • People who are starting in photography or already have a little knowledge.

  • People who are willing to pursue photography full time.

  • People looking for knowledge in specialized fields of photography.

  • People looking to gain in-depth knowledge of lightroom and photoshop.

Course Content

Lesson - 1
basics of photography

This lesson will explain everything about the history of photography and basic concepts about photography.

Lesson - 2
Tricks of photography( Motion blur( Panning), Motion freeze, Light painting, Levitation, Light trails, Silhouettes)

In this chapter you’ll be taught all the trending tricks of photography and how you can master them.

Lesson - 3
Working of camera(DSLR, mirrorless) and sensor

This chapter will explain working of the DSLR and Mirrorless and what all things constitute the camera and the working of the sensor.

Lesson - 4
Design of elements

This lesson will be all about design of elements and how you can use them to make your photos appealing.

Lesson - 5
Colour theory

This lesson will give the detailed explanation about the colour wheel and the eye catching combination of colours can be used in photography.

Lesson - 6
Ansel Adam’s zone system

This lesson will give a detailed explanation about the zone system and how it is significant to photography.

Lesson - 7
All compositions

This lesson will give detailed explanation about the compositions and rules used in photography that makes the photos eye pleasing.

Lesson - 8
Theory on Product photography, Food photography, Macro photography, Landscape photography

In this lesson you’ll be taught the basics of the above mentioned specialisation and all the rules that can make your photographs highlighted.

Lesson - 9
Adobe lightroom

This lesson will teach you adobe lightroom from the scratch and detailed explanation about all the tools in lightroom.


This course is for everyone who is interested to learn photography. This course covers the basics course too.

This course can be taught in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. But one has to book one on one teaching for that.

This course offers free one on one support for the community members. One on one teaching is made available by additional payment.

One can contact us through instagram or mail. There you can talk to us and enroll for any course.

Yes, lightscraft community members will get access to the ppts for a lifetime.

At lightscraft we believe in 100% non-refund policy. But we guarantee  that you’ll be 100% satisfied with our guidance and content.

Yes, it is a live course.


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We make sure that you understand everything and hence one on one sessions to help you personally with your doubts and queries.

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